Hello everyone. It's been a long time. Not sure if anyone still checks here. If anyone needs up seeing this. I'm thinking about getting this all revamped. I know I posted a few years ago, but I want to get this running to how it was like before. Meaning I need some new people helping out. If you're interested let me know! :) 

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New York City JE Fan Meet - Karaoke


November was the last NYC karaoke meet-up but so many people have been itching to do another soon! So, here it is!
BUT first, I would like your opinion on which date would be better for you all.

Date: July 25th 2010, SUNDAY

Time: 1PM -8PM (not strict)


Price: $14 (per person, tax included)

Why: Have fun not only singing favorite Johnnys' songs but also meeting other fans!

For those who are not familiar on how to get to Duet 48, there will be a pre-meeting at KINOKUNIYA BOOKSTORES (across Bryant Park on Ave of Americas/6th Ave between 41st and 40th st) at 12PM-12:30PM where I will be able to walk with you to the karaoke place. OR, if you just have extra time on your hands or wanna go shopping for goods before the meet-up feel free to join us too! We will meet at the Cafe Zaiya on the 2nd floor.

For those interested (AND fairly certain they can attend) please fill this out!

(just to give others an idea in case age-range is an issue for them)
Where ya from?:
Favorite groups:
What songs would you like to sing?:
(TOP 5 should suffice. I'm going to karaoke next week so I can try to copy down requested song numbers and get karaoke started quickly instead of killing time searching for song codes)
Anything else?:

I would like to reserve the room a week ahead by Sunday July 18th just in case we might need a big room so please confirm your attendance by then!
So, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding anything about the meet-up please don't hesitate to ask me via comment, PM, or email at

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My name is Tina ^o^.
I'm 18 years old and Vietnamese.
I came upon this community while trying to search for JE fans in my area.
I am a fan of JE for 3 years now. I like all the groups: Arashi, KAT-TUN SMAP, KinKi Kids, NEWS,
Kanjani8, Tegomass, Hey Say Jump, NYC Boys, Tackey & Tsubasa, ABC-Z and Kis My Ft 2. Lately, I've been obsessed
with the older past sempai groups xD

I am wondering if there are any JE fans living in Philadelphia?
I would love to have a friendly fan meet up around here =)

Edit: Sorry I forgot to mention where I was from, forgive me ^^;;
As you can see, I am from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

You&Jin Fancam

I wanted to share this before it possible gets taken down youtube haha^_^;;
(its my first time posting here so sorry if I didnt do this right somehow >.<)
Though many of you have probably already seen it- It's the best fancam ive been able to find hehehehe
I believe this is from the Saturday, June 19th showing because I was at that one and I recognize many of the parts.
Credit goes to lov3abl3pinkxx on youtube!
Thanks so much for this! heartsIt really helps me relive that amazing night haha.
Enjoy everyone!

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 </div>I know the camera drifts off to the side sometimes and it gets hard to see at some parts, but I really give props to the girl who recorded this because it is extremely hard to even get a decent picture.
They were very strict about taking pictures/videos.
The girl next to me actually got caught taking a picture but thankfully she jus got a warning.
So let's all be thankful to have this amazing video sparkles hehe

cherryblossom Here is the [LINK] to my thoughts about the concert.
It's not really a fan report. Just more of an after-thought kinda thing haha
Plus I provide like 3 links to some reaaally good fan-reports so be sure to check it out if ur interested! thumbsup

JE Panel at Fanime 2010: Write Up!

Hello Everyone! I'm sorry the writeup has taken this long to get out. But here I go!

On Sunday morning Casey aka dolphinlover29 and I went to the panel room to set up. Initially there was a small line for the panel, and all of a sudden a girl asked if Johnny Kitagawa was going to show up. Both of us were taken aback, because not only did we say this was a fan panel in the description, but in all honesty, why would Johnny come here, especially at the age he is? Well, we got access to the room and moved in. We set up the computer and loaded Yuuki 100% on the screen to give an inviting presence to the room. Once it hit 10am we started.

I'm not going into specifics on the panel, but if you want me to tell you specifics I will later. But basically we went over history of Johnny's Entertainment/Johnny's and Associates, then went over some of the most active groups. For some reason, we barreled through these sections, so we were pretty much done with this in 15 minutes. o_O;; I thought we would talk so much about it. But we got to the first video. Basically I put together several commercials into a single video, both from the past to the present. I heard a couple of chuckles from several people when the Toma IkutaxHaruhi Acuo commercial came on. After the video, we went into how JE was active and very dominant in Japanese media forms past the music. We transitioned into dramas, which seemed to be really popular with most of the people there. We mostly tried to focus on dramas that were adaptations to anime, which allowed us to go to the next video. The video consisted of several anime openings that JE artists sang. We then went over how JE is active in the anime community and such.

Afterwards, we had discussion questions that Casey took over. It was very good to hear people'e opinions about it. Finally, we took questions. Some were very good. But some seemed a bit pointed. We were asked why we didn't put it as "Johnny's and Associates" but as "Johnny's Entertainment" I knew where she was coming from, but there was a character limit on the title. So as much as I cared, I couldn't. But many people did bring up really good questions and it was great to test my knowledge.

We had a really good turnout even though it was the morning. I believe about 40-50 people showed up to the panel. There were some people who were very critical in how we did the panel, but we initially intended the panel to be both for veterans and for people who are interested in learning more. We soon figured out that most people there were JE fans and that we should cater towards people who were already in the fandom and want to know more in specifics.

The meet up later that day was a huge success! There were 11 people there and all of them were awesome to hang out with! Many had no idea this community existed, and some of them actually put together fanmeets before! We went to Johnny Rockets (haha pun) and then hung out a bit.

Mmmm, some recommendations for people thinking about doing a panel.

+Know your area-if you think you're the only one who likes JE in your area, take that into consideration for whether or not you do a panel. And if you decide to do a panel, are the people in your area hardcore fans or interested jpop-ers? Adjust your panel thus.
+do your research- I spent so much time researching JE so that if I were asked a difficult question, I would know. Especially regarding the scandals, be sure you know a general history of JE.
+Don't be biased- I know it's really difficult, but try not to be. It was really difficult for me to talk about daisempais because I only knew about their songs. So try to like the groups evenly for at least an hour!

I can't think of anything else to write about, so if you have any questions, let me know! And I'll post pictures later! :D Thanks everyone!

JE Panel at Fanime 2010: HUGE SUCCESS!

As a quick update from Fanime 2010, the panel on Sunday was a HUGE GIGANTIC JE-TASTIC SUCCESS!

There were around 40-50 people there to listen and discuss about the panel, followed by a meet up with 9 of us getting together to have lunch! it was wonderful!

More information regarding this and pictures later.

Thank you to everyone who came and supported us!


Hi everyone! I'm Lindsey. I like to consider myself the only JE fan in Nebraska unless there is someone here that's from around these parts! I'm pretty much a fan of everyone although I'm mostly partial to Arashi, Kanjani8 and Kinki Kids.  I first started liking Johnny's when I say Aiba Sugoroku and Jun wore hot pants although I'm not necessarily a Jun fangirl. I like Ohno and Sakurai more. I never thought guys wearing short shorts were possibly except at carnival rides, but I was wrong.

So if there is anyone from my area like Iowa or South Dakota or something, give me a shout out. Or if there is anyone else that likes to see Jun or anyone in hot pants. I'm here for that too. ;D

Little Massu meh~ :D

Fanime 2010 Meet Up +Panel!

So for Fanime 2010 we will once again have a meet up! But as a bonus, dolphinlover29 and I will be hosting a panel!

When: Sunday May 30th at 10am-11am
Where: Panel Room #1 (Will update with exact information soon, but this is what they gave me at the moment)

Meet Up
When: Sunday May 30 at 12pm
Where: San Jose Marriott Lobby

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We'd love to have you all show up and support the JE fandom and our efforts to reach out to the anime population and show them that they've caught the JE bug, they just didn't know the symptoms! :D

If you guys have any requests on what videos/pictures/whatever you'd like us to show, we'd be more than happy to consider it! This isn't completely our panel, this is YOURS.

The meet up is a general meet up! We'll meet up, have lunch, and just hang out and perhaps sing a couple song, taking a couple purikura pictures along the way! :D

I hope to see you at one of these event! Preferably both, but beggars can't be choosers yes?