July 29th, 2008


SoCal JE Meet Up!

Hello everyone :D

I know there was just a NorCal meet-up, but lots of us *like me* sadly could not make it DX That's why I, hamstaball, and xshinystars, have decided to arrange a SoCal meet-up :]

We're planning to meet up around the LA area in the Puente Hills Mall on the day of August 15th possibly starting from lunch or maybe after lunch, pending on how many people are planning to show up.  Inside the Puente Hills Mall, there is a pretty big lounge area with red couches that we can meet up at - it's really obvious so you shouldn't miss it ;D

If you decide to have lunch with us, we are currently deciding between two restaurants. We are choosing between either the Furaibo Restaurant or the Curry House, in which both are relatively close to the mall we will be meeting at (roughly between five to ten minutes). If you want to know more about the two, just click on the links I have put available :] For the Furaibo Restaurant, it says that you need reservations to eat there, whereas the Curry House doesn't require that. If you have some extra money to spare for yummy foods and want to join us, please help us decide which one ^^.

Afterwards, we are probably going to head over to Diamond Plaza, which is about five minutes away from away from the mall.  There's lots of shops in the plaza, like a Purikura store XD. Also if you want drinks like boba or tea, there are also nearby shops in case you get thirsty from fangirling a lot.

I am trying to find a karaoke place that is close to where we will be hanging out, so how many people would be interested? I need to know prior in order to split up costs and whatnot.  So don't forget to bring some enough money for you to fangirl to your heart's content!!!

Please to use this form when commenting if you are interested in coming! :D
Lunch: Yes/No
If Yes, which place do you prefer?
[Pending] Karaoke: Yes/No
Bring an Uchiwa if you have one? *LOL*: Yes/No
If Yes, who~?

It'd be extra nice if you could help spread the news to any person that can join! Thanks for reading :]

*for my own records, a tally voting for the restaurant*
[Furaibo] - 4
[Curry] - 3

Please Check Here for an Update on the Meet Up >> CLICK.