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Johnny's Entertainment Fan Meet-up in NYC

yuniesan has been awesome enough to enthusiastically create a fun board game for us to play! It is DEFINITELY something to look forward to! Bring some fangirl material like uchiwa, magazines, t-shirts, or whatever to add to the fun too!

If anyone is unfamiliar with where Karaoke Duet 48 is, hopefully many would be familiar with Kinokuniya Bookstores (1073 Avenue of the Americas/6th Ave between 40th St & 41st St). At 12noon, I would be there to grab some magazines and lunch (in Cafe Zaiya) before going to the karaoke place. So, I can help lead some of you guys over to the place or if you just want to join us in general. To find me, I would probably be carrying around uchiwa or gawking at JE magazines in the upstairs cafe. X3

Some things about Karaoke Duet 48: Snacks and drinks are offered as well as a directory for delivery in case you get hungry. Alcohol is served but you would be asked to drink outside of the room especially since there would be many minors present. The 'marathon' is from open/1pm to 8pm. Feel free to stay after 8pm if you wish. Outside drinks are prohibited (or just be discreet).

We're organizing this quite early so hopefully many of you can make it to the meet-up! It would be great to get to know who would be attending and a little about you!

(just to give others an idea in case age-range is an issue for them)
Where ya from?:
Favorite groups:
What songs would you like to sing?:
(TOP 5 should suffice. I'm going to karaoke next week so I can try to copy down requested song numbers and get karaoke started quickly instead of killing time searching for song codes)
Anything else?:

Unless anything changes, I will be posting a confirmation/reminder post a week before because I need to call in and make a reservation of the room with the number of people attending as well as my mobile info for quick contact.

Don't hesitate to express any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions.

[to be madly cross-posted throughout the week]

EDIT: From now on please confirm your attendance at this POST, thank you.
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