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Fanime 2010 Meet Up +Panel!

So for Fanime 2010 we will once again have a meet up! But as a bonus, dolphinlover29 and I will be hosting a panel!

When: Sunday May 30th at 10am-11am
Where: Panel Room #1 (Will update with exact information soon, but this is what they gave me at the moment)

Meet Up
When: Sunday May 30 at 12pm
Where: San Jose Marriott Lobby

So now you're probably asking, "kokoro_no_uta Why hold a panel? It's an ANIME convention!" Well, both have an undying love for our JE groups and we wanted to bring JE to Fanime, since at the Jpop panels they seemed to only go over indie groups. Why can't we talk about the most famous Jimusho for male singers?!

Then another question pops into your head, "kokoro_no_uta What will you go over?" Well, we'll be going over a brief history of Johnny's Entertainment, then going over some of the active groups (as many as time will allow), and then connect them to anime, manga, and japanese entertainment. We'll end it with questions and discussions and conclude the hour!

Now you're probably thinking "kokoro_no_uta Why should I go? I know EVERYTHING about JE!" Well, then consider this a chance to get your friends that you've been trying to get into JE for months! We'll go over things both vaguely and specific so as to appeal to both new people and veterans alike!

Last incentive, I'll have candy! XD <----lame

We'd love to have you all show up and support the JE fandom and our efforts to reach out to the anime population and show them that they've caught the JE bug, they just didn't know the symptoms! :D

If you guys have any requests on what videos/pictures/whatever you'd like us to show, we'd be more than happy to consider it! This isn't completely our panel, this is YOURS.

The meet up is a general meet up! We'll meet up, have lunch, and just hang out and perhaps sing a couple song, taking a couple purikura pictures along the way! :D

I hope to see you at one of these event! Preferably both, but beggars can't be choosers yes?

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