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Johnny's Entertainment US Fans

Welcome to our community!

Johnny's Entertainment US fans
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johnny's entertainment fans of usa
Currently under construction for revamp.

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This community is for Johnny's Entertainment fans that live in the US.
Have friends that are Johnny's Entertainment fans that live in US and have an LJ? Then what are you waiting invite them to this community!

1. All Members MUST introduce themselves

2. All posts must be MEMBERS locked.
3. When Introducing: Please tell us where you live in the U.S.

4. When Posting: Long Posts/Large Items MUST be under an LJ Cut

5. Members MUST live in the U.S.

6. Members MUST be a JE Fan

7. You MUST tag all your posts correctly

8. Selling is Allowed

9. But only JE stuff can be sold

10. Media downloads are welcome, MU/MF/SS

11. Requests for MP3s, Dramas etc. are okay

12. Sharing Items is allowed

13. Fanfics are allowed (please remember to tag them)

14. Meet-ups are allowed

15. Scans are welcome! (dont forget to credit)

16. Concert Reports are allowed

Wanna affliate with us? Please contact maiko_fangirl if you want to affliate!



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